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 Sandi Delarosa   2016-08-04 23:07:45 

WoW!!! Very impressive! I love your work. It ignites my imagination!!! Very deep, like in dreams. I see spiritual and nature. At a second glance, I see even more! Wow!!! Its an honor to have met the artist behind such awe. I love it!!!
 Cristina White   2015-09-28 21:29:57 

It's been a while since I've seen your work, Jeff. Beautiful. Depth, complexity, mystery. Thank you.
 Linda   2012-06-12 14:43:54 


Your work is such an inspiration that I feel I now want to try working in encaustic. Wish I could see these in person .. and see how you do it .. but alas I'm at the other side of the continent in Florida!

 Carlo Grunfeld   2012-03-01 14:55:37 

I appreciated the intensity, scale, and texture of your work. The titles are intriguing -- they sound like names from mythology, but none I recognized. Thanks for the excellent showing!
(from Mr. Charles, substitute)
 Kara Sisk   2012-01-31 20:32:22 

Love to see more or your work out there! It says so much in it's sophisticated layering. More, more more!!!
 Lorraine Calvert   2011-10-26 10:05:04 

Hi Jeff:

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  I can't believe how much your work is in sync with what I love in art.  If/when I'm gainfully employed again I will definitely take a second look.
You are a truly gifted man.
 Lisa Louis   2011-08-25 10:06:34 

Hi Jeff,

This is Sean's mom writing. Hitoshi just told me that you're a painter and we checked out your web site. Great paintings! Nice to see another painter around!

 Lisa Louis   2011-08-25 10:06:30 

Hi Jeff,

This is Sean's mom writing. Hitoshi just told me that you're a painter and we checked out your web site. Great paintings! Nice to see another painter around!

 Erik Rotman   2009-04-02 12:09:22 

Jeff - I enjoyed looking around your website, and I'm very glad I had a chance to stop by the Venus Gallery to see your work full size with all its rich layers & textures.

Erik (Larry's friend from the Burmese place)
 Torkel & Katarina   2008-08-17 12:02:58 

Lovley Jeff! So good to meet with you in Stockholm, and love your painitngs and homepage - just got mail from Ravi who said you had a good time at st andre des arte - cool! Very much warmth to you from my whole family - we are still enjoying the memories of our meeting!

Torkel, Katarina, Saga o Freja
 Rochelle Fransson   2008-06-30 14:58:42 

your work makes me feel like I am looking down on the planet from space. I can't wait to attend your next show!
 Donna Sioux Faigley   2008-05-27 22:01:46 

I didn't expect to see sooo much of your beautiful work  WOW!!
 Todd Etherton   2008-04-22 11:08:02 

Your art is earthy and gives the sense of lightness at the same time.  Exciting and original
 Peter Lonnerberg   2007-11-11 03:29:45 

Wonderful suites of inspiring, peaceful and mind-opening works! And the good website gives a very inviting introduction. Good luck with your Jung Institute exhibition.
 victor jacob   2007-11-04 19:37:24 

We're really impressed with your website - the  pieces  here are powerful and beautiful

What a tremendous accomplishment!
vic and angelo
 Kara Sisk   2007-09-22 13:42:26 

Jeff I love your work!! Moving, textural, evocative, sensual and natural...One sees the movement of wind and water, colors of the earth amidst emerging faces and figures.FABULOUS!!!! Would love to see more!!
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